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MyCybercare launches bundle with McAfee, utilising DynaRisk's technology

MyCybercare has partnered with McAfee, a global computer security software company, to offer a brand-new cyber security package to its customers which utilises DynaRisk’s personal risk assessment and ID monitoring technology. The specialist cyber insurance company has launched a comprehensive bundle which combines McAfee Internet Security, MyCybercare’s personal insurance and MyCyberDNA, powered by DynaRisk - providing ultimate online security all in one place.

The solution is designed to provide 360˚ protection from growing cyber threats, covering all aspects of an individual’s digital risk footprint. Offering antivirus protection, cyber insurance and risk monitoring & alerts, consumers can benefit from a fully comprehensive solution that protects them against a vast majority of threats. The bundle will be distributed across Africa and the Middle East, via MyCybercare and selected distribution partners.

Simon Campbell-Young, MyCybercare’s CEO, believes that the collaboration will pave the way for cyber security solutions that address not just external threats, but deep-rooted cyber behaviours that put consumers at risk. 

“Until recent years, consumers have been going about their daily life thinking that anti-virus is all they need to protect themselves online. But as data output and technology has changed, so too has the threat landscape. By partnering with companies like McAfee and DynaRisk, MyCybercare is offering the strongest solution to protect against cyber threats.” - Simon Campbell-Young

DynaRisk’s Andrew Martin praised the solution as a step in the right direction for consumers in Africa and the Middle East. “Cyber security can feel unmanageable; many of us open accounts, reuse passwords to make life easier, and are often led by the companies we sign up with to look after the security side of things. But while some people are better at taking steps to protect themselves than others, even the most cyber savvy person could end up falling victim to a scam. Criminals work tirelessly to disguise their efforts and trading in stolen data is an incredibly lucrative market, so it’s impossible to remain 100% safe.”

“Cyber security solutions should therefore aim to cover every aspect of a person’s digital life - antivirus to protect their devices and insurance to reimburse losses cover two-thirds of the protection a person needs. By incorporating DynaRisk’s technology, we make up the last third by educating people on the most up-to-date threats and giving them actionable insights to protect themselves in ways they may not have thought about. We also monitor the Dark Web for leaked and stolen data records and alert those affected if we discover a match. This allows them to react quickly and update their credentials or lock down an account before anything bad can happen.”

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